Name: Hip and Spine Simulator

Model: Prosim

Manager: Qu Xiaoli


Manufacturer: Simulation Solutions

Status: Normal

Service: Yes

Tel: 02983395392

Address: Lab of Bio-fabrication


Key performance indicators:

6 testing stations and 2 soaking stations;Meet testing requirements of ISO14242 and ISO18192;Simulation frequency control:0.5 to 1.5HZ;Axial force control:0 to 5000N;Flexion/Extension control: ±600; Abduction/Adduction control: ±200; Internal/External rotation control: ±250;Microseparation control: ±5mm;Able to simulate 15 different gait profiles.

Main features:

It is mainly used for the pre-clinical evaluation and testing of the artificial hip joints and artificial spinal discs prostheses in terms of the biotribological and wear mechanisms.