Name: Multi-functional Joint Simulator

Model: VIVO

Manager: Qu Xiaoli


Manufacturer: AMTI

Status: Normal

Service: Yes

Tel: 02983395392

Address: Lab of Bio-fabrication


Key performance indicators:

Vivo multi-functional joint simulator has six degree-of-freedom motion capability, servo-hydraulic actuator; Maximum frequency of loading: 30Hz; Maximum axial force: ±4500N; Flexion/Extension angle: ±100°; Tibial rotation: ±40°; Anterior-Posterior displacement :±25mm; Medial-Lateral displacement: ±25mm; Abduction/Adduction angle: ±30°; Hydraulic Power Unit: 800psi, 5hp, 8gpm; Vivo is designed to simulate all kinds of joint (hip、knee、spine、ankle etc.) motion during normal daily activities as well as worse case sinario.

Main features:

Vivo is designed for functional testing of implants in-vitro and simulator testing for clinically failed sinario.