Name: 3D Gait Analysis Stystem

Model: Vicon

Manager: Qu Xiaoli


Manufacturer: OML

Status: Normal

Service: Yes

Tel: 02983395392

Address: Room B416 of West 5 building


Key performance indicators:

Ten high-performance T40 MX cameras can realize high resolution and high capture frequency of 3D Reconstruction and keep stable data. Third-party force platform of AMTI is connected with this system. The platform can bear Maximum load 8900N with the sensitivity to μ V/V * N. Nexus software can realize the calibration of sensor, acquisition and intelligent data processing, and is used to auto-sync with other third-party testing means (such as load platform, electrical etc). Even capture markers were blocked by body, the software processing still can get a satisfactory output.

Main features:

Life sciences: motion analysis, daily life movement, plastic surgery, rehabilitation assessment, gait analysis, finger movement analysis, upper limb movement analysis, position analysis, medical education, the evaluation of artificial joints, arm assembly evaluation, behavior psychology evaluation, medical VR, medical robot, etc.