The laboratory is mainly engaged in nano-imprint technology, micro-sensors, gratings, optoelectronic devices and MEMS technology. There are a number of fine expensive equipment such as ion implanter, electron beam lithography, deep dry etching machine, atomic force microscope and so on. It has strong capabilities of micro and nano sample testing, manufacturing and process development.

Process capability

Ultraviolet lithography: alignment and overlay 0.5μm, alignment precision of double-faced lithography 1.0μm.
Electron beam lithography: Minimum line width 20nm, accelerating voltage 30KV.
Ion implanter: implant B+、Ar+ 、N+,implantation energy:20keV-150keV;implantation dose: 1011~ 1017 cm-2; uniformity <1%.
Deep silicon etching: etch rate >10μm/min, uniformity<±3%, sidewall roughness<500nm.
Bonding: pressure 500-20kN, max temperature 500℃, bond strength
≥1.5J/㎡, anodic bonding void ratio <1%.
Film growth: magnetron sputtering, electron beam evaporation, PECVD, and oxidizing furnace.

Measure capabilit

SEM detection: secondary electron resolution 1.0nm(15KV), Maximum magnification 800,000.
AFM: horizontal scan range 100μm, vertical scan range 7μm, horizontal resolution 1nm, vertical resolution 0.1nm.
3D contour measurement: vertical resolution 5nm, horizontal resolution 0.125μm.
Film test: 10~1000nm silicon dioxide film thickness and refractive index test.
Phase analysis: Qualitative/quantitative analysis of phase composition and grain size measurement by X-ray diffraction.


100 clean room 50m2.
1000 clean room 800m2.
10,000 clean room of 1000 m2.
100,000 clean room of 1000 m.