The research of the Key Lab was categorized based on the developing trends of system engineering and the demands of manufacturing fields as follows.
(1) Advanced manufacturing principle and technology: Focusing on the manufacturing technologies to bring changes in the manufacturing systems, such as new principle and method of shortening the manufacturing processes, high precision and high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution, complex structures and new materials application. This aims to improve the functionality and efficiency of the manufacturing system via the innovation of new manufacturing principle. 

a.  Additive manufacturing (3D pringting)
b. Micro/nano manufacturing and MEMs
c. Biofabrication
d. Composite Construction forming

(2) Manufacturing system Equipment and Integration: focusing on high-performance manufacturing equipment, high-performance testing equipment, assembly technology in the manufacturing process; to study the digital and intelligent technology involved in the equipment design, manufacture, testing; as well as to investigate the influence of equipment conditions during the assembling process, to improve the level and quality of manufacturing equipment.

a.  Three-dimensional reverse engineering
b.  High-speed and precision machining
c.  High-performance functional components
d.  Robotics and Intelligence
(3) Manufacturing information and systems engineering: By means of Information technology, based on the method of system analysis, by analyzing the information and data mining in the manufacturing and the serving process, to carry out the regulation and management of the manufacturing and service process, to optimize the manufacturing resources for better operation of the equipment and production systems.

a. Fault diagnosis of operational equipment
b. Manufacturing and equipment big data system
c. Manufacturing system optimization and regulation
d. Manufacturing quality control
(4) Advanced manufacturing system mode: to study the format and operation of the enterprise manufacturing resources, production organization, and service system. Effective organization of various production factors to achieve the optimal operation of the manufacturing system management, to correlate the manufacturing technology with the non-technical factors, and to improve the production organization and equipment operating performance.

a. Service-oriented manufacturing mode
b. Socialized manufacturing mode
c. Ergonomics for manufacturing system