International Joint Laboratory

In May 25th 2015, Academician Jiang ZhuangDe took the lead to establish the international joint laboratory which involved micro & nano fabrication and testing technique. State Key Laboratory for Manufacturing System Engineering cooperated with the University of New South Wales to build this international joint laboratory. This cooperation will also promote the academic communication and culture between China and Australia.


In May 25th 2015, we also held the academic conference with the visitors from the University of New South Wales that included Iain Martin, Mark Hoffman, Nasser Khalili, John Whitelock and Darren Bagnall. And we discussed the preparation of this international joint laboratory and the directions of different research fields in details. It would lay the foundation for the future academic communication and cooperation between these two units.


Our laboratory mainly focuses on: advanced manufactory theory and technology; manufactory information and manufactory system engineering; the manufacturing system and control and integration of equipment; management and decision in advanced manufacturing system. The University of New South Wales is an excellent university in the world and the school of mechanical and manufacturing engineering is also remarkable. If you want to get more information about the UNSW mechanical and manufacturing engineering, please click the following link: