There are more than 70 sets of large scale equipments in the laboratory, which is worth exceeding 100,000 Yuan (or $ 20,000). It covers horizontal machining center MAHO MC50, coordinate measuring machine ZEISS CMM, electron beam lithography, atomic force microscopy, deep dry etcher, micron 3D X-ray imaging system, multi-target sputtering system, SUN4 / 60 SUN4 / 75 SUN4 / 20 Laser Rapid Prototyping System, BK3019 CAD / CAM software, 1-1DEAS, CAMAX-CAM, MENTOR, CDDS5, PRO-ENGINEER control and simulation software, COMSOL software, convetorware    software, MATLAB, SIMSCRIPT II.5 SIMSCTORY II.5 database, and ORACLE, SYBASE, INGRES reverse laser scanning systems.


When you log-on our website, you can make a reservation for our laboratory equipments. And when you click every instrument, you will get the more specific detail about this equipment. Welcome to use our website to book instruments.